“Do any of you have favorite book at home?” asks Pastor Becky. Immediately the children start calling out favorite books and characters from the books. One child had to make sure everyone knew about Dora the Explorer including folks in the back of the church. Smiles and little chuckles floated through the pews. Everyone was being drawn into the weekly gathering of the children with the pastor.

The weekly Children’s Time during worship is a special part of the service for adults as well as the boys and girls. It brings smiles to our faces. Why is this time special? Simply this, Pastor Becky has the gift of taking the everyday experiences of children and interpreting biblical stories through these experiences. Children are able to understand and learn.

“Becky is very age appropriate” says one parent who is an early childhood educator. “She has a way of capturing the children at their level then helping them to understand biblical truths. She interacts with children that brings a smile to all of us.”

Children are an important part of Algiers Church. They are very welcomed to be a part of the worship service. Play boxes are available, if needed, for younger children to enjoy during the service. Sunday School begins at 9:30 where there is lots of activities to help growing minds.

Children’s Sermons