In preparation for our discussion on white privilege please watch this video:

  1. What ideas presented by Dr. DiAngelo stood out for you? How does she describe her experience as one who recognizes herself as a white person, especially when it comes to interacting with people of color?
  2. How does denying the existence of racism and white privilege perpetuate racial inequality and unequal outcomes? What are explicit and implicit biases? Give some examples from the video along with some of your own.
  3. How can identifying the pillars – individualism, universalism, internalized superiority, good/bad binary, segregation, and mis-education – help in challenging racism? What are the next steps?
  4. DiAngelo says we are not “operating in the spiritual realm” when it comes to racial issues? Is this true for Christians and what does that mean concerning racism and justice both theologically and biblically? Based on our Christian experiences and the Bible how can we begin to act against inequity and racism?