To be inclusive and understanding of others, we first need to understand ourselves. This week we will discuss additional tools for unpacking implicit bias and unintentional racism.

Take the Race IAT (implicit bias test):

This test asks for some basic demographic information, but you do not have to provide any if you do not wish to do so; you can still take the test.

  1. Were you surprised by the results of your test? If so, why?

Watch this twelve minute video, where Dushaw Hockett discusses and unpacks implicit bias:

  1. Implicit biases often run contrary to our conscious, stated beliefs about who we are and what our values are. Dushaw Hockett suggests that we often address explicit bias without understanding our implicit biases. Is there an example in your own life that proves or disproves his claim?

Finally, watch this twenty minute video from Dr. Megan Ming Francis provides a personal account of experiencing racism in America:

Dr. Francis tells us that years and years of education and studies about race haven’t actually combatted issues of systemic racism and police brutality against communities of color. She states, “a book won’t stop a bullet.” Do you agree with Dr. Francis? Or disagree?