woldenburg-8-14-webRev. Becky Conner, pastor of Agiers United Methodist Church, holds a Worship Service once a month at Woldenberg Village on Behrman Ave. This service takes place on the second Thursday of the month at 10:30. Communion is served each month during this service. The Worship Service includes a short message from Rev. Becky and hymn singing.

Several volunteers from the church go and assist Rev. Becky. Edith plays the piano for hymn singing while others help the people attending the service locate the hymns in the song booklets.

It is nice to see the amount of people who attend this service grow each month. Volunteers help the residencies who are wheel chair bound get to the Worship Service. It is opened to everyone who wants to attend.

During the holiday season, the church provides gift bags filled with lots of goodies for the attendees during the month of December.

The church has been providing this Worship Service at Woldenberg Village for about 12 years.